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SMR (UK) Ltd and Richardson Recycling hold industry Open Day

SMR (UK) Ltd, the UK’s leading soil stabilisation specialists, in partnership with Richardson Recycling, hosted an industry open day to present to the reinstatement and utilities industry the benefits of using ‘Structural Material for Reinstatement’, better known as SMR.

With recycling targets for construction and civil engineering companies being set ever higher, SMR (UK) in partnership with Richardson Recycling invited leading reinstatement specialists
and senior officers from the Suffolk & Norfolk Highways Department to a demonstration showcasing how excavated material can be transformed into a highly effective recycled sub-­base product.

SMR produces a specially formulated dry mix powder, which when added to excavated spoil material, is transformed in minutes into a high quality sub-­base replacement called SMR which stands for ‘Structural Material for Reinstatement’.

With typically 2% by volume of the SMR material being combined with excavated spoil using mobile screeners and batch-­mix equipment the resulting chemical reaction dries out and stabilises the material for optimum compaction. The soil particles become bonded together, increasing the density and strength of the soil by as much as 600%, resulting in a high quality structural reinstatement material being created which consistently outperform traditional materials such as Type1 GSB.

Attending on the day were representatives from Balfour Beatty, Clancy Docwra, Anglian Water, Norfolk Contracting Division, in addition to senior officers from Norfolk Highways, some of which are already using SMR on various projects. During the open day, held at the Morningthorpe Quarry headquarters of Richardson Recycling, attendees were introduced to the speed at which material brought in from the highways could be recycled into a useable sub-­base using the new mobile screening and batching unit which was designed and built by Richardson’s specifically for this purpose.

“With sustainability high on the agenda, many utility companies in the UK are now turning to SMR to better use excavated material,” comments Andy Bareham, the Technical Support Manager at SMR (UK). “To date, we have been instrumental in helping contractors divert over two million tonnes of excavated material from landfill using the SMR product. Clancy Docwra, one of our partners attending today’s event, are currently using SMR on the Anglian Water (Integrated Maintenance and Repair) contract. To date over 36,000 tonnes of excavated material has been diverted from landfill amounting to £486,000 saved on tipping fees alone, without calculating other savings related to transportation and waiting time.”

From April 2017, the UK landfill tax increased to a standard rate of £86.10 per tonne with an inert rate of £2.70 per tonne (and this is expected to increase again in 2018 assuming no policy change). The actual cost of non-­hazardous soil disposal also varies across the country, typically costing around £20 to £50 a tonne with the cost of disposing contaminated soil being significantly higher. Transport costs further push the cost of disposing of waste material and with heavy diesel transport operators being increasingly penalised for inner city movements, reusing materials where they were excavated makes sound environmental sense.

For more information on the SMR soil stabiliser process or to find out the benefits of joining the growing national network of  recycling ‘HUB’ partners either call 01252 710772 or visit

Notes to Editors

Founded in 1999 SMR (UK) has developed and delivers one of the leading technologies to stabilise excavated spoil; cost effectively transforming it into high quality products that outperform traditional materials such as Type1 GSB and this can be reused on existing construction sites, therefore negating the need to send it to landfill. 

With its HQ and automated manufacturing facility in Caldicot, Wales SMR provides a national Batch-­Mix solution service that enables clients to meet challenging waste management compliance and landfill diversion targets plus decrease their carbon footprint. 

SMR (UK) units 10&B, Norman Way, Severnbridge Industrial Estate, Portskewett, Caldicot, Monmouthshire NP26 5PT | Sales Hotline:01252 710772 

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